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tatkal ticket

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         The Tatkal Scheme is an Indian Railways scheme for journey at very short notices. It was introduced by the then railway minister Nitish Kumar in all form of reserved class in almost all Mail/Express trains in India.

    For passengers who plan their journey at short notice. These tickets can be booked over counter and on the internet.

    Tatkal Booking starts one day in advance (reduced from 2 days) excluding the day of journey e.g. for a journey on 3rd, bookings would open at 10 am on 2nd. However, the day of journey is defined as the day of chart preparation. So if the train starts e.g. on 3rd, and reaches the desired boarding station on 4th, the Tatkal booking will start on 2nd and not 3rd.
    Copy of identity is required to be produced at the time of booking the ticket. However as of February 11, 2011, the passenger will be required to furnish ID in original such as a PAN Card, Passport, Driver's Licence, etc. during the actual journey.
    There will be no separate Tatkal train defined. Non-utilised Tatkal tickets are released to wait-listed passengers. Tickets in this scheme can be cancelled but no refund is made.
    In those trains and in those classes where average utilization of Tatkal accommodation during peak period i.e. April to September is 80% and above, Tatkal charges applicabale during peak period will be charged throughout the year i.e. for both peak and non-peak periods.

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